rare Fred Davis Mexican Deco silver and amethyst Bracelet ~ ferociously bold and beautiful

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Stupendously monumental, a Fred Davis sterling silver and amethyst bracelet in a very hard to find design that, I believe, was inspired by a Byzantine gold and gems original on display at the Met in New York. This is a piece for the warrior princess, truthfully! Its proportions will leave you speechless and its assertive, wild beauty will mesmerize whomever lays eyes on it. If you love big, ferociously bold jewelry (please pay attention to the dimensions below), this is a challenge you might want to accept…   Size/Weight: 7  1/2″ inner circumference (clasped); 1  1/2″ wide; central beaded station with amethyst has a diameter of 2″; laid on a flat surface, it rises a full 1 1/8″ high; 211.10 grams Hallmarks / Date: fully and appropriately signed with Davis’s conjoined initials as well as “SILVER MEXICO”; 1930s Condition: excellent vintage with great patina, astounding in proportions, with a strong hinge and no damage or repairs noted – a museum quality bracelet   SOLD – Thank you! Contact us about this...

early Deco Rivera Matl style Mexican silver Necklace ~ jeweled palomas y rosa repousse

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Stupendous in both design and craftsmanship as well as early this “palomas y rosa” jeweled silver repousse necklace is signed by maestro Rivera and inspired by Matilde Poulat’s original design. Amethyst, coral and turquoise underscore the bold repoussage that is masterfully executed and impeccably finished. Matl’s early jewelry is becoming increasingly difficult to find but I consider Rivera’s work, especially his pre-1948 pieces, a well-worthy alternative…   Size/Weight: 17″ long (wearable); central station is 5″ wide with a drop of 4″ (including dangles); width at the chain  1 1/8″; 124.9 grams. Hallmarks / Date: maker’s signature as shown as well as “”HECHO EN MEXICO 925”; pre-1948 Condition: excellent vintage with no excuses, amazing presence and fantastic patina     SOLD – Thank you! Contact us about this...

Margot de Taxco Mexican silver zodiac Charm Bracelet ~ the Archer

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Margot de Taxco’s zodiac jewelry, especially her big, sculptural charms, represent some of her best work, in my opinion, and I am happy to offer this vintage Archer bracelet with both the charm and the chunky chain signed by her. I am particularly fond of this specific chain whose three-dimensional quality is more pronounced than that of the more often seen, flatter chains – I think it complements the figure’s quintessentially Deco lines in the best possible way…   Size/Weight: 7  7/8″ long (at least 7.5″ wearable); charm a tad above 1 1/2″ in diameter, adds a 2 1/8″ drop to the chain; chain itself is 5/8″ wide; 79.4 grams (for the set) Hallmarks / Date: signed appropriately on both pieces with Eagle 16 as shown, Margot de Taxco’s name (albeit very badly stamped on the chain due to lack of space) and des. nos 5224 and 5233 on charm and bracelet respectively; 1950s-60s Condition: excellent vintage with wonderful patina, quite substantial presence and the added security of a safety chain     SOLD – Thank you! Contact us about this...

classic Mexican Deco repousse silver Necklace in a Fred Davis design

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Early Mexican Deco silver repousse necklace in a design associated with the opening years of Fred Davis’s career, the layered beading that is features has become a classic in the country’s 20th c. Silver Renaissance. Beguilingly luscious, irresistible to the eye and so comfortable to wear, this is one of those necklaces around which collections are built! I particularly love the all-silver version at hand with its lower perimeter free of any connections between the links that allows it to fan elegantly around the neck…   Size/Weight: 17  3/8″ long (17  1/4″ wearable); width 1  1/8″; 105.1 grams Hallmarks / Date: not marked for maker nor hallmarked for silver content yet tested and guaranteed to be silver of sterling quality;my experience over the years has shown me that it is not uncommon for early Mexican silver jewelry not to be hallmarked at all; 1920s-40s Condition: excellent vintage with generous length that makes it comfortable for most of us, patina to die for, quite impressive visually, no damage or repairs noted and with the added security of a safety chain     SOLD – Thank you! Contact us about this...

Deco Miguel Martinez Mexican sterling silver Bracelet ~ Taxco floral repousse

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Matching the necklace that is also available on my site as you can see, a difficult to find, early Miguel Martinez sterling silver bracelet featuring a stunning lily as its centerpiece. Martinez’s uncontested talent elevated him to the position of chief designer for Rancho Alegre and his jewelry is always impeccably finished, creatively designed and made using materials of the highest quality. Here, the a-symmetry in the positioning of the links that flank the flower alludes to Japanese aesthetics yet the bold fleshiness of the repoussage is unmistakably Mexican…   Size/Weight: 6  1/2″ long (wearable; once clasped, it becomes more comfortable at 7″); width between 1  1/8″ and 1/2″; 39.1 grams Hallmarks / Date: maker’s signature in capital letters as shown as well as “MEXICO STERLING 925”; pre-1948 Condition: excellent vintage with superb sculpturality, with repoussage exhibiting the confidence of a master, fantastic patina and no damage or repairs noted     SOLD – Thank you! Contact us about this...

rare Miguel Martinez Mexican Deco silver repousse Necklace ~ a Taxco sterling lily

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The primary designer for Rancho Alegre, Miguel Martinez was one of the most talented early Taxco maestros. I am thrilled to be presenting the necklace at hand not only because of its early date and rarity but also because I consider it one of the best flower renditions in Mexican jewelry. The sculpturality of the repoussage, accented by oxidation and patina, the clustering of tiny beads at the very heart of the lily, and the beguilingly flowing lines of the petals and the links that form the chain combine in a truly sublime necklace. I have added a sterling extender so the necklace’s length can be easily customized…   Size/Weight: length adjustable between 14 1/2″ and 18″; central link 2 1/4″ long by 2″ tall;  52.2 grams (50.4 grams for necklace alone) Hallmarks / Date: maker’s signature as shown; 1940s Condition: excellent vintage, a veritable treat for your eyes with superb craftsmanship, great patina and no damage or repairs noted   SOLD – Thank you! Contact us about this...

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