bold Velazquez Mexican Deco silver Necklace ~ repousse Rose design in the style of Matl

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Stupendous Velazquez Mexican Deco repousse necklace featuring a huge rose with three highly stylized cascabeles and a chain that is adorned with graduated bezel-set greenish blue stones. This is a monumental necklace, very  much in the spirit of Matilde Poulat’s “rosas” pieces and its adjustable length makes it easy to wear for most of us. In one of the photos you can see it matched to a similar Velazquez bracelet that is also available here…   Size/Weight: approx. 19  1/2″ long; pendant adds a 4  7/8″ drop (including the dangles) and is 2  3/4″ wide;  idth at the chain varies between 5/8″ and 7/16″; 77.3 grams Hallmarks / Date: maker’s signature as shown as well as “MADE IN MEXICO” and “925”; pre-1948 Condition: excellent vintage with bold, fleshy repoussage, no damage or repairs noted and stupefyingly beautiful   SOLD – Thank you! Contact us about this...

Esperanza Mexican Deco silver repousse Clamper Bracelet ~ classic Taxco fern design

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Vintage Mexican silver repousse clamper bracelet in a classic Taxco fern design that is here presented with a dramatic flare to the tips of the two “wings”. This piece bears the signature of Esperanza and I think this the earlier version of the hallmarks pictured by Hougart on p. 69 in the electronic edition of his book. The quality of the silver sheet used and the careful craftsmanship combine here to create a tour-de-force of dramatic movement and excellent design execution…   Size/Weight: 7″ inner circumference; width between 3″ and 1″; 68.7 grams Hallmarks / Date: maker’s signature as shown as well as “MEXICO .925”; pre-1948 Condition: excellent vintage with a very strong, snappy hinge, strong repoussage and oxidation, eye-catching presence and a patina that glows with the warmth of silver that has been cherished and taken care of   SOLD – Thank you! Contact us about this...

Velazquez Mexican Deco repousse Pin Pendant ~ Matl style mask with coral and moonstone

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Sculptural M. Velazquez Mexican Deco repousse silver brooch that can also be worn with a strand of beads as shown here, this is an exceptionally well-made piece and bespeaks its maker’s mastery over his art. Maestro Velazquez worked in the style associated with Matilde Poulat and his jewelry has been gaining in popularity over the last years as Matl originals become difficult to find and expensive. Adorned with coral and moonstone, a precious little masterpiece…     (If you are interested in the necklace configuration, please ask for more details!)   Size/Weight: 2 1/2″ tall by 2 1/8″ wide; 31.6 grams. Hallmarks / Date: Velazquez’s early signature in raised lettering as well as “MADE IN MEXICO” and “STERLING”; 1930s-40s Condition: excellent vintage with fantastic patina, masterful repoussage and gorgeous little stones   SOLD – Thank you! Contact us about this...

scrumptious Deco Mexican silver Necklace Earrings set ~ Taxco fruit and leaf design

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In one of my favorite pre-1948 Mexican silver designs, this fruit-and leaf necklace and earrings set is impeccably made and has an almost true-to-life quality. Sometimes signed by maker but quite often not, this specific design can be found in mixed metals as well and it never fails to attract the eye with the luscious curves of its fruit and the deep veining and serrated edges of its leaves…   Size/Weight: necklace between 15″-17  1/2″ long (wearable; with the sterling extension provided) by 1  1/8″ wide; earrings are 1  5/8″ long by 7/8″ wide; 84.8 grams (for the set; 72.6 grams for necklace with extension) Hallmarks / Date: “MEXICO” and “STERLING”; pre-1948 Condition: excellent vintage with dramatic presence, very earthy and feminine at the same time, with no damage or repairs noted and a wonderfully warm patina   SOLD – Thank you! Contact us about this...

Victoria / Cony Mexican silver Bracelet ~ Ana Brilanti berries and leaves design

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Sweet vintage Victoria / Cony Mexican sterling silver bracelet, its curved links featuring glisterning berries and heart-shaped leaves, perfect for that young collector you want to cultivate and the ideal piece to brighten your work day. One of the few known Taxco females, Ana Maria Nunez de Brilanti signed her jewelry both as Victoria and as Cony and her descendants keep producing her designs even today…   Size/Weight: 7″ long (wearable; once clasped it becomes a little roomier at about 7  1/2″) by 5/8″ wide; 20.1 grams Hallmarks / Date: fully signed as shown with both the Victoria and Cony names and Eagle 12 assay mark; 1950s-60s Condition: excellent vintage with great patina, a lovely, almost arts-and-crafts design and no damage or repairs noted   SOLD – Thank you! Contact us about this...

Gerardo Lopez Mexican 980 silver lotus pectoral Necklace ~ masterful Taxco repousse

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Vintage Gerardo Lopez spectacular pectoral necklace wrought in the maestro’s favorite 980 alloy, this is often referred to as the “lotus” design with subtle references to the Egyptian Revival of the Deco period. Superbly crafted, a necklace that wears like a dream and sweeps you away, and an ode to Lopez’s mastery of his art…   Size/Weight: approx. 17″ inner wearable length; pectoral part is 5  1/8″ wide with a drop of 4″;  width at the chain reaches 5/8″; 96.9 grams Hallmarks / Date: fully marked with Lopez’s name as well as “980 TAXCO” alongside Eagle 25 which, according to Bille Hougart, dates it in the 1948-1950 period Condition: excellent vintage with absolutely no flaws noted, fantastic patina and one of the best signatures of early Taxco design   SOLD – Thank you! Contact us about this...

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