masterful early Mexican Deco silver repousse lilies Cuff Bracelet ~ a Taxco beauty

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One of Taxco’s most impressive and complex repousse designs, the lily motif of this superb Mexican Deco cuff bracelet is one of the most elusive and hence sought-after creations. Pieces in this design are some times found with the signature of Doris / Corpus Artisans or Miguel Melendez and I have sold examples by both in the past. Yet the cuff at hand bears the initials of a listed but still unidentified maestro – and it is spectacular not just in the beauty of its floral synthesis but also in its proportions…     Size/Weight: 7  3/8″ inner circumference (including the 7/8″ gap); width between 3  3/4″ at center front and 3/4″ at its narrowest; 77.0 grams Hallmarks / Date: maker’s initials “F.D.” in a circle formed by “STERLING MEXICO” and des. no 1001; there is a small blob of silver very close to the hallmarks as you can see but I am not sure if this was intended to be an Eagle mark so I am going to date the cuff in the pre-1948 period Condition: excellent vintage with impressive size, a complex design that is rather hard to find, bold and beautiful with the patina you want to see on a well-loved, cared-for piece of Deco jewelry   Offered at $645.00 Contact us about this...

Emma Melendez early Mexican modernist silver Cuff Bracelet in a Hubert Harmon design

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Early Taxco modernist sterling silver cuff bracelet bearing the signature of accomplished Mexican designer and silversmith Emma Melendez, this piece is more an arm band than a simple cuff. I believe its design is inspired by Hubert Harmon’s bold creations and it is the ideal piece to bring out the warrior princess hiding within you. Daring, no-fuss yet absolutely commanding presence and a wonderfully mellow patina underscore a modernist less-is-more attitude…   Size/Weight: 7 1/8″ inner circumference (at about mid-height; the cuff is wider than that at the top and narrower at the very bottom to better fit the shape of the arm); width between 3″ at center front and 1  7/8″ at the two ends; 83.8 grams Hallmarks / Date: maker’s signature “EMMA” as well as “STERLING TAXCO”; 1940s Condition: excellent vintage with bold, commanding presence, a warmly glowing patina, very well made and without unsightly damage or repairs   Offered at $365.00 Contact us about this...

Margot de Taxco Mexican silver zodiac Charm Bracelet ~ the Archer

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Margot de Taxco’s zodiac jewelry, especially her big, sculptural charms, represent some of her best work, in my opinion, and I am happy to offer this vintage Archer bracelet with both the charm and the chunky chain signed by her. I am particularly fond of this specific chain whose three-dimensional quality is more pronounced than that of the more often seen, flatter chains – I think it complements the figure’s quintessentially Deco lines in the best possible way…   Size/Weight: 7  7/8″ long (at least 7.5″ wearable); charm a tad above 1 1/2″ in diameter, adds a 2 1/8″ drop to the chain; chain itself is 5/8″ wide; 79.4 grams (for the set) Hallmarks / Date: signed appropriately on both pieces with Eagle 16 as shown, Margot de Taxco’s name (albeit very badly stamped on the chain due to lack of space) and des. nos 5224 and 5233 on charm and bracelet respectively; 1950s-60s Condition: excellent vintage with wonderful patina, quite substantial presence and the added security of a safety chain     Offered at $700.00 Contact us about this...

Antonio Reina AAR Mexican Deco silver repousse Bracelet in a Margot de Taxco design

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Bold and masterfully made, this vintage Deco Mexican silver bracelet is part of a parure whose earrings bear the initials “AAR” which many in the field of Taxco jewelry associate to maestro Antonio Reina. Having managed Margot’s workshop, Reina is highly regarded for his repoussage and his pieces, quite often based on Margot de Taxco and Los Castillo designs, are of superb quality…     Size/Weight: 8″ long (wearable) by 1 1/2″ wide; 56.0 grams Hallmarks / Date: “STERLING MEXICO” and des. no 4; Reina’s “AAR” initials to be seen on matching earrings that are listed with matching necklace; 1940s Condition: excellent vintage with no damage or repairs, fantastic patina and impeccable craftsmanship   Offered at $285.00 Contact us about this...

early Deco Georg Jensen sterling silver Bracelet des. no 3

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An early Deco example of Georg Jensen’s design #3 bracelet, this piece was made in the late 1920s-early 1930s as indicated by the combination of hallmarks that it bears. Executed in all-silver, its floral and foliate links have the sculptural quality that Jensen jewelry is known and collected for, accentuated by the wonderful patina that developed over the bracelet’s long life…   Size/Weight: 7  3/4″ long (wearable) by 5/8″ wide; 30.2 grams Hallmarks / Date: fully signed as shown with a combination of hallmarks that date in the late 1920s-early 1930s period Condition: very good vintage with no unsightly damage nor any repairs, just a minor impression on the topmost beads of two links – hardly noticeable to the naked eye and not offensive at all.   Offered at $1450.00 Contact us about this...

early Victoria Mexican silver “pyramids” Cuff Bracelet ~ Taxco sterling overlay

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Early Victoria Mexican sterling silver cuff bracelet, this is one of my favorite designs of hers and I am thrilled to be presenting  it here. Inspired by Mexico’s ancient pyramids, it combines masterful overlay and oxidation with the strong geometry of Aztec and Maya architecture in a distinctly Deco way..   Size/Weight: inner circumference of just shy of 7″ (including the 1  3/8″ gap; relatively adjustable but exert caution so as not to dislodge the overlay); 1  5/8″ wide; 70.4 grams Hallmarks / Date: Victoria’s early signature and des. no 79 as well as “MADE IN MEXICO TAXCO” and “SILVER”; pre-1948 Condition: excellent vintage with no damage or repairs noted, great patina and its oxidation in very good shape as well.   Offered at $315.00 Contact us about this...

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