Art Deco Egyptian Revival silver and lapis Ring

on Oct 7, 2020 in Rings/earrings, US/European

A true period Art Deco Egyptian Revival ring, this fabulous example holds one of the most beautifully colored pieces of lapis lazuli I have seen in a while. The stone is rich in glistening pyrite specks and has generous matrix which gives it a supple finish like old, well-aged leather. Supporting it, on either side of the graduated gallery are sets of highly stylized falcon wings, the bird’s being sacred in ancient Egypt, symbolizing divine kingship. Though it is currently a small size as many rings from the period are, it will be very easy to have it re-sized and is guaranteed to win compliments not only for its silver-work but also for the deep, royal blue of its stone…


Size / Weight: currently sz 3 US (easily re-sizable by a jeweler); face is 1″ N-S and 5/8″ E-W; 7.1 grams

Hallmarks / Date: not signed for maker nor hallmarked for metal content yet tested and guaranteed to be of solid silver, most probably of sterling purity; 1920s-30s

Condition: excellent vintage with a stunning stone and quintessentially Deco Egyptian Revival silver work, fantastic patina, no damage and no repairs noted – I have to mention that the ring is ever so slightly out of round; it does not affect the way it wears and is easily put to round again, especially if you have it re-sized


ON HOLD – please inquire!

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