Ivar Holth / Ottar Hval Norway 830 silver solje Brooch and Earrings set

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Based in Oslo, Norway, Ivar Holth and Ottar Hval created jewelry in both the classic Scandinavian enamel-over-silver genre but also pieces based on traditional designs, like the solje brooch and dangle earrings assembled set at hand. Wrought in 830 silver with the concave round and teardrop dangles having a vermeil finish the demi is delicate and eye-catching at the same time and has an endearing “ethnic” appeal. In Norwegian culture “solje” (sun) jewelry was believed to protect its wearer from evil, especially during transitional periods and was thus considered appropriate for newborns and brides. Though made by different makers this brooch and earrings came to me from a single owner and I thought they should continue their life together…   Size/Weight: brooch is 3 1/8″ tall by 2 1/8″ wide; earrings are 15/16″ long by 3/4″ wide;...

huge Mexican Deco silver repousse horse Pin Brooch ~ Davis design with teal glass cabs

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A silver tribute to circus equines this Mexican Deco silver repousse horse brooch is a design that I have seen bearing Fred Davis’s signature. That example was executed in sterling alone without the rather rare addition of the foiled teal glass cabochon mane our creature is endowed with. Despite the bare-bones rendition of the horse’s figure, the brooch somehow succeeds in conveying a sense of powerful motion, just barely restrained so the animal can perform its routine. The specific piece started its life with a vermeil finish yet it was partially (and in an ugly way, I should say) gone thanks to a previous owner’s attempt to remove it. So I had to trust my jeweler to take away what was left of it so now you can see the slick sterling body with just a hint of old gold in the recesses of the design…   Size/Weight: 4 1/2 tall by 2 1/4″ wide; 20.4 grams...

rarest Margot de Taxco Mexican silver enamel mermaid Pin Brooch, des. 5693

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One of the rarest pieces of Margot de Taxco’s enamel jewelry, the articulated mermaid brooch is not even pictured in Morrill’s relevant book except as a drawing. Sharing the same design number as the “little fish” parures, she is the dedicated collector’s dream-come-true. If one is very lucky and determined to find her, one might come upon an example in blues – discovering one in golden yellow, shimmering metallic sage green and sky blue is almost impossible. Yet here she is – her lithe body emerging from the waters covered in tiny drops that capture and refract the sunlight, her articulated tail strong and dangerous, her hair catching the sea breeze, her arms gracefully moving as if she is dancing. Perfection in its full meaning – I fear even Ulysses would not have been able to resist this beauty with all the wax of the world sealing his...