Celia Harms Mexican silver gilt Etruscan Pin Pendant Torque Necklace

on Jan 27, 2020 in archived

Last year I was lucky to find three examples of jewelry by Celia Harms, a talented designer who lived and worked in Vera Cruz in the 1950s and ’60s. The Etruscan style sterling vermeil cross pin / pendant necklace I am presenting is the last of that trove and a very classy duo as well. I am very particular with vermeil – I don’t really like it unless it is old and has mellowed almost to the point of … extinction yet here it has an understated matte finish that exudes a calm warmth. The workmanship on the pin/pendant is exceptional with layers of overlay accented by beading, wirework and the style’s telltale little florets. The torque itself is so elegant, I think I might be tempted to even wear it alone – yet it lends itself to being combined with other pendants as well…


Size/Weight: 15 1/4″ inner circumference (including the 1 1/2″ gap; relatively adjustable to fit slightly bigger sizes); pin/pendant is 2 1/16″ square and adds a 2 1/2″ drop to the torque (including the loop off which it hangs); 62.0 grams (on a postal scale)

Hallmarks / Date: both pieces signed with Harms’s name as well as “STERLING MEXICO”; 1950s-60s

Condition: excellent vintage with amazing patina that has mellowed the vermeil, beautifully made and quite versatile, with no damage and no repairs noted – a difficult piece to find by a maker whose work does not come up often



SOLD – Thank you!

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