Hearts of Stone for … Valentine’s

on Jan 23, 2013 in jewelry

It’s about Valentine’s Day and most of us get into that funny, blissful-as-a-puppy mode again!
And even if our budgets have probably not recovered from the holidays yet, the search for the absolutely perfect gift for our precious “others” is back on.
Well, don’t go too far as I have some good suggestions – or so I believe at least…


There is a whole genre within vintage Mexican silver jewelry that can work perfectly for you this year – and, hopefully, also ever after!
Made primarily in the pre-1948 period, these silver and carved stone heart pieces come in all forms and in several colors as well. Though I have never seen one with amethyst – quite surprisingly if you think of the stone’s popularity with Mexican silversmiths and designers – “heart” bracelets, brooches, pins and earrings feature agates in various colors and, of course, the quintessential “Mexican jade”.


Curvaceous, set in repousse or plain frames, at times having dramatic arrows going through them, the stone hearts express in the best possible way the elation and apprehension, the joy and pain that love can cause.


And though in the years I have been dealing and learning about Mexican silver jewelry I have had the opportunity to own several examples, I have never seen a piece bearing a maker’s signature – they all bear the generic “SILVER” or “STERLING” and “MEXICO” hallmark.

Most importantly? I have also never ever found a necklace in this design – could this be my lucky year?