Margot de Taxco Mexican silver Bracelet and Earrings set, des. no 5247

on Dec 12, 2019 in archived

Margot de Taxco’s des. no 5247 is a modernist “beaded wave” creation and presented here is a set comprised of bracelet and matching clip-on earrings. I will dare say that Margot did not delve too much into modernism but whenever she did it, the results were equally inspired and carefully crafted as the rest of her work. Here the sculptural quality of the undulating links is matched by the curves of the semi-spheres set within them in a channel that is both pierced and contained by a raised border. The design is mirrored in the earrings albeit slightly smaller in scale and with a simpler curve…


Size/Weight: 6 3/4″ inner circumference (clasped; very difficult to measure accurately but it might even feel a little roomier on the wrist); 7/8″ wide; earrings are 15/16″ long by just above 3/4″ wide; bracelet 57.3 grams / 11.8 grams earrings – 69.1 grams (for the set)

Hallmarks / Date: bracelet marked with Margot’s signature as well as “MADE IN MEXICO STERLING”, Eagle 16 assay mark and des. no 5247; earrings are marked with same Eagle and des. no; 1950s-60s

Condition: excellent vintage with great patina, a beautiful design that looks divine and makes for a comfortable bracelet to wear, with no damage and no repairs noted except for a tiny little impression in one of the semi-spheres in one earring


SOLD – Thank you!

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