massive brutalist silver Bracelet with old Chinese carved carnelian medallion

on Sep 29, 2018 in Bracelets, US/European

Massive does not always rhyme with gorgeous but in the case of the spectacular bracelet I am presenting here the two are absolutely synomymous! I have never seen a similar piece and I don’t know where to start describing it! What I find fascinating is the way cultures and ages and techniques are called upon and combined in a hybrid “transnational” beauty. The style is obviously brutalist and a product of the “West”; the carved carnelian medallion is older than the ’60s/’70s when brutalism flourished – I would say ca 1900, if not older – and Chinese. And then the clasp, a classic pin closure from the first decades of the 20th c. used to secure in place a bracelet that is so evidently modernist. Oh, how I love my job…


Size/Weight: 7 1/8″ inner circumference (clasped); width between 1 1/2″ at center front and 1″ on the back, next to the clasp; 144.4 grams

Hallmarks / Date: not hallmarked for metal content yet tested and guaranteed to be solid silver of at least .900, even though I believe it’s sterling; not signed for maker either as is the case with most similar pieces; 1960s-70s for the silver bracelet; the carnelian medallion I believe to be quite older

Condition: excellent vintage with the strongest imaginable presence, one of the most tactile bracelets I have ever handled, with patina to die for and a beautifully carved carnelian medallion showcasing a stylized bird among flowering branches; no damage nor any repairs noted but I would like to mention what seems like a surface scratch in the carnelian which I only saw in the photographs (I use a macro lens and it captures way more than the naked eye does); I think it does not go through to the back but it’s very difficult for me to see since most of it is concealed by the silver work



Offered at $665.00

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