massive Los Ballesteros Mexican silver smokey topaz hinged Bangle Bracelet

on Apr 10, 2019 in archived

There is big and then there is massive – and the Los Ballesteros hinged bangle bracelet designs usually fall under the second category! Over the last few years I have become enamored of their creations in this form. The more I see, the more I want to discover. It is not just the bracelets’ proportions and the amazing use of hard-stones and faceted gems in their ornamentation; it is the perfection in their crafting, the way the materials embrace each other and the uniqueness of their designs that, in my opinion at least, elevates the Los Ballesteros workshop to heights unsurpassed by their contemporaries in this specific genre. I could hardly exaggerate the boldness of the huge gem in its elevated crown setting that takes center stage in the example at hand (it registers as topaz on my gem tester, I am assuming synthetic). The dimpled dots making up the bracelet’s wings are held within sterling tubular “wire” and their glistening warmth invites the touch unabashedly. Simply superb…


Size/Weight: 7″ inner circumference; width varies between 2 3/8″ in the front and 5/8″; 104.9 grams

Hallmarks / Date: signed with the Los Ballesteros logo as shown as well as “STERLING 925 HECHO EN MEXICO”; 1940s

Condition: excellent vintage, massive and imposing yet still elegant, boasting a huge topaz free of damage, with no issues in the silver-work either, fantastic patina and a fully functioning, strong clasp to hold the bracelet securely around the wrist


SOLD – Thank you!

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