massive Santana Mexican silver and black onyx Bracelet ~ Spanish Colonial armband

on Mar 2, 2019 in archived

Known for his monumental Spanish Colonial-inspired designs maestro Santana is one of the many enigmatic figures in Mexico’s 20th c. Silver Renaissance. His jewelry, when one is lucky to come upon it, looks as if it’s made of the most intricate Spanish lace. Wide armbands, like here, that seem to want to be cuffs on a lady’s silk dress rather than sterling bracelets and equally breath-taking necklaces, their panels meticulously and profusely worked in cut-work to create labyrinthine patterns; that is his legacy but that’s also where our knowledge of him unfortunately stops. I will therefore let the twists and twirls of the cut-work in the armband at hand to tell the rest of the story. After all, for most of us, admiring them is the closest to their maker we will ever come…


Size/Weight: approx. 7″ wearable (measured mid-way up the bracelet’s width) by 2 3/8″ wide; 98.5 grams

Hallmarks / Date: maker’s signature “H.SANTANA” as well as “MADE IN MEXICO”; not marked for metal content yet tested and guaranteed to be of sterling quality; I will date in the pre-1948 period since I have never seen an Eagle assay mark on his pieces

Condition: excellent vintage, monumental in proportions and magnificent in the intricacy of its design and the quality of the workmanship; great patina, glistening onyx cabs and no damage nor any repairs noted


SOLD – Thank you!

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