Mexican Deco neo-Aztec silver Corn Goddess Necklace

on Jun 26, 2020 in archived

Rare Mexican Deco silver repousse figural necklace, its five graduated links featuring what I believe to be a neo-Aztec interpretation of Cinteotl, one of the three goddesses of corn and fertility. Bare-breasted and kneeling in a corn field, holding in her hands an ear of maize and adorned with earrings and a pendant necklace, it is in fact two different figures that we are looking at; while the bodies and what surrounds them is the same, the jewelry and the faces themselves are different. I have had this specific design in bracelet form in the past but have never seen it in this configuration and as a necklace. The repoussage is expertly done, the oxidation strategically applied as to intensify each panel’s sculpturality, and the chain has the look of Pedro Castillo chains but it not as heavy thanks to its hollow semi-spheres…


Size / Weight: 17 1/2″ long (wearable; once clasped, it becomes a little roomier at 18″); panels section is 7″ long and the drop it adds varies between 2″ at center front and 7/8″ at the smallest panel; width at the chain is 5/16″; 58.8 grams

Hallmarks / Date: “MEXICO SILVER”; pre-1948

Condition: excellent vintage with crisp detail in the repousse panels, great patina, a beautiful chain and no damage or repairs noted – an exceptional necklace in a design that does not come up very often


SOLD – Thank you!

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