rare Cecilia Tono Mexican silver Bracelet ~ mixed metals, mozaico inlay and figural appliques

on May 10, 2020 in archived

It is very tempting after years and years of looking for, handling, buying and selling vintage Mexican silver jewelry to think that one has eventually “seen it all” and even flirt with a false sense of semi-omniscience! And just when this idea seems to coalesce into a belief, there comes this unexpected, never encountered before piece that shatters it all – in the best, most rewarding way possible! This superbly crafted Cecilia / Tono bracelet is undoubtedly one of those moving examples. Not much is known about the two names signing it – more research is desperately needed before we lose all connection to those amazing maestros – but they are associated with the highest quality of piedra negra, mozaico azteca and metales casados jewelry. In our case the techniques come together in a jaw-dropping, very rarely seen piece of wearable art. I will rest my case here and let the photos tell the rest of the story…


Size/Weight: 6.75” long by 1  1/4” wide; 93.3 grams

Hallmarks / Date: fully signed with both Cecilia’s and Tono’s names as well as initials “AC” (quite often found on Cecilia jewelry), “HECHO EN MEXICO”, “METALES” and des. no 453; 1940s

Condition: excellent vintage with craftsmanship of the highest levels, meticulously worked and finished, sophisticated in its technique and having warm patina; no damage and no repairs either – a piece worthy to be showcased in the best collection of vintage Mexican silver jewelry



SOLD – Thank you!

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