rarest Margot de Taxco Mexican silver enamel mermaid Pin Brooch, des. 5693

on May 18, 2019 in archived

One of the rarest pieces of Margot de Taxco’s enamel jewelry, the articulated mermaid brooch is not even pictured in Morrill’s relevant book except as a drawing. Sharing the same design number as the “little fish” parures, she is the dedicated collector’s dream-come-true. If one is very lucky and determined to find her, one might come upon an example in blues – discovering one in golden yellow, shimmering metallic sage green and sky blue is almost impossible. Yet here she is – her lithe body emerging from the waters covered in tiny drops that capture and refract the sunlight, her articulated tail strong and dangerous, her hair catching the sea breeze, her arms gracefully moving as if she is dancing. Perfection in its full meaning – I fear even Ulysses would not have been able to resist this beauty with all the wax of the world sealing his ears…


Size/Weight: just shy of 3 3/4″ tall by 1 1/4″ wide; 18.5 grams

Hallmarks / Date: fully signed with Margot’s signature as well as “MADE IN MEXICO STERLING”, Eagle 16 assay mark and des. no 5693 (the marks are not very well stamped but they are all there); 1950s

Condition: exceptional vintage – I would say almost perfect but I would only use the term for a piece fresh out of the workshop – with the enamels in excellent shape, incredible and rare colors, stunning presence and no damage or repairs noted (there is a tiny little pin-prick size area of wear in one of the blue dots in the mermaid’s bra but it is not readily visible to the naked eye and literally insignificant considering the rarity of this brooch)


SOLD – Thank you!

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