30.5″ Flli Coppini Italian 800 silver cimaruta Pendant Necklace

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Early 20th c. cimaruta necklaces are not easy to come upon and I am thrilled to be presenting this Flli Coppini example here. Wrought in .800 silver, which was the standard for Italy until 1934, the pendant has good casting and great patina. It is paired with an appropriate for the period and the style chain formed by foliate and “swaddled infant” links, these last ones based on the decorative plaques that Della Robia created for the Ospedale degli Innocenti in Florence, Italy…   Size/Weight: pendant is 1 7/8” tall (without the bail) by 1 3/4” wide; with the bail adds a 2 1/8” drop to the chain; 7.9 grams / chain is 30 1/2” long by 1/2” wide (at its widest); 30.3 grams / total weight for the necklace 38.2 grams Hallmarks / Date: pendant marked with maker’s signature as well as “MADE IN ITALY” and “800”; chain is unsigned as is almost...

Deco Coppini Italian 800 silver Cimaruta Pendant Necklace

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Classic vintage Italian cimaruta pendant necklace wrought in 800 silver and bearing the signature of the Coppini Bros, one of the best names in this type of jewelry. I love early cimaruta pieces for their association with the Old Religion and their strong symbolic power and since finding a real ancient example is almost impossible, these Italian beginning of the 20th c. pieces are the best alternative…   Size/Weight: pendant is 1  7/8″ tall (without the bail) by 1  3/4″ wide; adds a 2  1/8″ drop to the chain; chain itself is 29″ long by 1/4″ wide.; 31.0 grams (for the set) Hallmarks / Date: marked on the back of the pendant with the Flli Coppini signature as well as “MADE IN ITALY” and “800”; 1920s-30s Condition: excellent vintage with no problems noted, great patina, ready to be worn and enjoyed again   SOLD –...

big Deco Italian 800 silver Cimaruta Necklace ~ Peruzzi style

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Early Italian Deco “cimaruta” necklace, this is a beautiful piece with a large pendant and a chain of cast floral links very much in the style of the Peruzzi and Copping Bros.. An ancient charm to protect against the evil eye, the “cimaruta” is associated with Southern Italy and even though antique examples of it are very rare to find, every so often a piece from the opening decades of the 20th c. like the one presented here becomes available…   Size/Weight: pendant is 2  7/8″ tall (without the bail) by 2  1/2″ wide (at its widest) and adds a 3  1/4″ drop to the chain; chain itself is 26  3/4″ long by approx. 3/8″ wide; 71.0 grams (for the set) Hallmarks / Date: maker’s logo as shown as well as “800”; 1920s-40s Condition: excellent vintage with very good casting and a generously sized pendant, nice...