Maximiliano Mondragon Mexican 980 silver Necklace ~ Taxco fertility design

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Signed with initials “MM” which are attributed by many in the field to Maximiliano Mondragon, an early Taxco maestro who worked for Spratling and is considered among the most accomplished artists of his time. The “fertility” motif in this necklace is cut out of 980 silver sheet, deeply hand-chased and immaculately finished…   Size/Weight: wearable length between 14  3/4″ and 17″ with the sterling silver extension provided; 3/4″ wide; 62.4 grams Hallmarks / Date: maker’s initials “MM” as well as “980 MEXICO STERLING” and Eagle 3 assay mark; 1950s-60s Condition: excellent vintage with warmly glowing patina, classically elegant and with no flaws noted     SOLD – Thank you! Contact us about this...

vintage Taxco M Mondragon 980 silver Necklace Mexican fertility motif

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Having started his career at Spratling’s Las Delicias Maximiliano Mondragon was an accomplished maestro whose work does not surface often yet is sought after for its high quality and the fine silver he liked to use in his workshop. Carefully hand-cut out of thick gauge silver sheet the links of the “fertility” necklace at hand are deeply chased and accented with beading. Fine quality and a rare signature all in one… PS: A pair of matching earrings by a different maker is also available as you can see in one of the photos – if you love sets, just ask about them!   Size/Weight: 15″ long (wearable; actual length is 15  1/4″) by 5/8″ wide; 84.4 grams Hallmarks / Date: maker’s initials “MM” attributed to Mondragon, Eagle 1 assay mark and “980 TAXCO MEXICO STERLING”; 1950s-60s Condition: excellent vintage...