Margot de Taxco Mexican silver Pin/Pendant Necklace and Earrings set ~ des. no 5272

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A difficult to find Margot de Taxco demi consisting of a necklace with detachable pendant that can be used as a brooch as well and matching earrings, this is one of Margot’s most elegant parures. The set is astonishing in its workmanship – everything, from the beading on the links of the chain to the more pronounced spheres on the pendant/brooch, to the faceting of the color-changing gems and the dark oxidation has been paid attention to. The simulated alexandrites (in fact, color-change sapphires or corundum) appear deep purple with a tinge of burgundy in daylight yet taken on a steely hue under studio lighting. And there are four of them, pear shaped, and very generous in size – even the gems on the earrings. A set fit for a queen, truly…   Size/Weight: necklace’s wearable length (with the pendant attached to it) is 15 1/2″; pendant/brooch by...

elegant Margot de Taxco Mexican silver dangles Necklace Earrings set ~ des no 5672

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Classically elegant with just that tad of playfulness that makes a demi a pleasure to wear and to behold, this set of necklace and earrings by Margot de Taxco features luscious teardrop dangles and carefully wrought beading. Longer than most similar pieces from the period, the necklace is so comfortable and behaves perfectly when you have it on while the earrings can hold their own even if you decide they will be your only adornment for the evening… Learn more Size/Weight: necklace 17  3/4″ long (wearable) with the dangles adding a 7/8″ drop; earrings 1  3/8″ long by 3/8″ wide;  49.2 grams (for the demi; necklace alone is 41.6 grams ) Hallmarks / Date: fully and appropriately signed with Margot’s name as shown as well as des. no 5672 and Eagle 16 assay mark; 1950s-60s Condition: excellent vintage with a a warm glow and the quality that Margot demis...

Margot de Taxco Mexican silver dangle Earrings ~ beaded swirls des. no 5269

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A vintage Margot de Taxco Mexican silver earrings set with architectural swirls and beading making up the almost Spanish Colonial dangles. I love the specific design which does not come up often – I have only had it once in the past and have been looking for it ever since. Strong presence without overwhelming size and the amazing combination of the sphere with the half-moon make for a truly unique pair…   Size/Weight: 1  1/4″ long by 1″ wide (at their widest); 12.3 grams (for the set) Hallmarks / Date: maker’s signature as shown as well as “MADE IN MEXICO STERLING” , Eagle 16 assay mark and des. no 5296 Condition: excellent vintage with fleshy architecturality, fantastic patina and the quality that Margot jewels are known for   SOLD – Thank you! Contact us about this...