big Matilde Poulat Mexican silver jeweled Cross Necklace ~ a Matl classic

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Generous in size and studded with channel and bezel set stones, this is a glorious Matilde Poulat cross whether you wear it as an expression of your spirituality or as a work of art. Matl’s signature wirework and beading combined with the patina the pendant has developed over time make for a strong, eye-catching presence. The hand-wrought chain that it comes with is Mexican as well and of the same period (yet not a Matl piece) and I believe it complements it in the best possible way. Learn more Size/Weight: cross pendant is 3  1/4″ tall (not including the bail) by 2  3/8″ wide and adds a 3  1/2″ drop to the chain; chain itself is 24  1/4″ long; 31.6 grams (for the set; cross alone is 26.1 grams) Hallmarks / Date: appropriately signed with Matl’s name in script as shown and with Eagle 129 assay mark the pendant dates in the 1950s when Poulat was still...