unusual Mexican Deco silver carved stone “mask” Ring

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“Mask” rings are not uncommon in the realm of vintage Mexican silver jewelry – “masks” were an iconic motif for the Deco period and their popularity continued on to the post-1950 years. Yet to find a ring with such an unusual, ornate setting is not something that happens every day. Adorned with leaves, tendrils and flowers, the gallery is delicate yet has enough body to it to support the carved green calcite “mask” it holds within its bezel. This is one of the nicest pieces of dyed calcite I have seen. Semi-translucent, lighter in color so that it comes closer to natural jadeite, and so smooth to the touch, you keep wanting to run your fingers over it. A fantastic pinky or easily re-sized to fit your needs…   Size / Weight:¬†sz 4.25 US (yet easily resizable by your jeweler); face is 1″ N-S and 3/4″ E-W; approx. 1/2″...