Sigi Pineda Mexican silver modernist Necklace ~ “ribbon” pectoral

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In my opinion one of Sigi’s most exquisite creations, the “wave” or “ribbon” necklace I am presenting here is an iconic piece for the maestro and one of Taxco’s best modernist moments. Going back to the classic “pectoral” form yet stripping away all but the most essential design elements, Sigi combines matte sterling surfaces with undulating ribbon appliqués and dramatic niello accents in a veritable masterpiece…   Size/Weight: 14  1/2″ – 14 3/4″ long (wearable; designed such as to have the pectoral sit on the collar bone; incredibly comfortable when worn, however, due to its articulated construction); pectoral part is 4  3/8″ wide and its drop at center front reaches 1  3/8″; 109.0 grams Hallmarks / Date: Sigi’s name as shown alongside “HECHO EN MEXICO”, des. no 60 and Eagle 3...

Sigi Pineda Mexican silver and obsidian Bracelet ~ sleek Taxco minimalism

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Sigi Pineda sterling silver hinged bracelet, this piece represents the epitome of minimalism and abstraction, its polished cab of golden sheen obsidian being its creator’s only concession to luxury. The thick silver arms exude an intense sense of motion which combined with the stone’s deep glow attract the eye and hold the gaze captive. Perfection…   Size/Weight: 6  1/4″ inner circumference (clasped; perfect for smaller wrists); drop of arm holding obsidian in the front is 2″; 43.5 grams Hallmarks / Date: maker’s signature as shown above “TASCO” as well as “HECHO EN MEXICO STERLING”, Eagle 36 and des. no 610 (I believe); 1950s-60s Condition: excellent vintage with a fabulous stone and great patina   SOLD – Thank you! Contact us about this...

modernist Enrique Ledesma Mexican silver and stone inlay Bracelet

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A master lapidary, Enrique Ledesma has a magical way of seamlessly marrying silver and stone and the bracelet presented here is one of his signature designs. I am very partial to azur-malachite and just by looking at the richness of the blues and greens in the stones you can understand why. A real pleasure to wear and to behold…   Size/Weight: 7″ long (wearable) by 3/4″ wide; 35.5 grams Hallmarks / Date: maker’s signature as shown as well as “TAXCO HECHO EN MEXICO”, “925” alongside Eagle 3 assay mark and des. no 202; 1950s-60s Condition: excellent vintage with richly colored inlay, warmly glowing patina and no flaws noted   SOLD – Thank you! Contact us about this...