antique Victorian Scottish silver Pin Pendant with cairngorm and agates

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I love antique Scottish “pebble” jewelry for their beautifully etched silverwork, the beauty and variety of the stone inlay, the saturated color of their cairngorm gems but most importantly, for their fiercely proud regional identity. Very often unsigned, the Victorian era pieces also serve as an early example of “celebrity influenced” consumption. It is widely known that Queen Victoria fell in love with Scotland and the specific kind of jewelry whose popularity skyrocketed because of her patronage. In the antique combination pin/pendant at hand saturated yellow and orange, misty blue and mossy green agates surround the huge cairngorm sitting proudly in its raised crown setting. What a symphony of color and craftsmanship…   Size / Weight: 1 1/2″ in diameter; 9.2 grams Hallmarks / Date: not signed for maker nor hallmarked for metal quality yet...

sculptural Mexican Deco silver carved stone Medusa head Pin / Pendant

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This is only the second time I have ever had this incredible carved “mask” and sterling silver Mexican Deco pin / pendant and I am thrilled to have come upon another example after years of looking for it! One of the most enchanting “masks” from this period I have seen in terms of the lapidary skill it demonstrates, I call it euphemistically a “Medusa head” even though its theme is a little more gruesome than the severed head of a gorgon from ancient Greek mythology. Whether a vanquished enemy or an offering to the gods, the person whose “mask” looks so perplexingly serene, seems to have crossed over the trauma of defeat or sacrifice into a realm where all is softer and quieter…   Size / Weight: 3 3/8″ tall by 1 1/2″ wide; 44.0 grams Hallmarks / Date: “STERLING 925”; pre-1948 Condition: excellent vintage...

Italian Deco silver and chrysoprase Pin / Brooch Pendant ~ Peruzzi style Renaissance Revival

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Not signed for maker nor place of origin yet undoubtedly an Italian piece from the opening decades of the 20th c. this big, bold, ornate combination pin/pendant displays the quality and attention to detail signed Peruzzi pieces from the same period are known and sought after for. The delicate wirework of the cruciform body is so carefully finished and the beaded accents around the bezel-set stone perfect. The chrysoprase cab itself, magically translucent, looks like a piece of old-fashioned mint candy. I am at a loss as to why the maker did not sign such a delicate, gorgeous creation. Wear it as a pin or combine it with your favorite vintage chain to enjoy as a spectacular necklace…   Size/Weight: 2 1/2″ tall (without the bail) by 2″ wide; with the bail it will add a 2 3/4″ drop to your chain; 22.0 grams Hallmarks / Date: not signed for maker nor hallmarked...