early Deco Mexican silver lariat Necklace ~ a Taxco sterling classic

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Early Mexican Deco silver lariat necklace, this is the perfect piece for all of us who love the form yet don’t necessarily subscribe to excessively long and generously heavy necklaces. I consider lariats the epitome of classy elegance – though minimalist in their design, they can also be quite impressive visually; and their slick figure allows them to be combined with anything you choose to wear. Of medium length, with good yet not overwhelming weight, fantastic patina and “discretely” luscious tassels, the example at hand also comes with its original clip. Divine…   Size/Weight: 29″ total length; chain itself is 25  1/2″ while each tassel measures 1  3/4″; diameter of tassel sphere is just above 1/2″; 89.0 grams Hallmarks / Date: maker’s initials “GMS” as well as “925”; 1930s-40s Condition: very...

vintage Taxco MEXICAN silver long Lariat NECKLACE with tassels

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Lariat necklaces comprised of thick twist-rope chains and sterling tassels are a recognizable form within the field of vintage Mexican silver jewelry. The example at hand is not marked at all yet based on construction and style as well as on my experience with similar pieces that I had in the past, I believe that it’s a Taxco creation. Often times hallmarks on these pieces were stamped on small silver tags that were then hung off the spring that connects the tassel to the chain and more often than not those were removed by previous owners. Generous in length, with a chain that is thick enough to register easily yet not too thick as to border on the … less elegant, this is a versatile necklace, easy to wear and perfect for formal as well as more casual occasions.   Size/Weight: 39  1/4″ long (end to end); chain part is 35  7/8″ while each tassel is 1...