Los Castillo Mexican silver Necklace ~ graduated oxidized swirls design

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Sweeping swirls in graduated sizes, hand-chased and oxidized make up this stunning Los Castillo silver necklace. I have in the past sold the enameled version of this specific design but this is my first all-sterling piece. And I am loving the amazingly comfortable way it wears, the loyalty with which it holds its position around the neck and the high quality of workmanship it boasts – which, of course, characterizes all Los Castillo jewelry…   Size/Weight: 17″ long (wearable; this is a design that demands a little extra length and at 17″ the specific necklace is comfortable for most of us); central two links are 3  5/8″ wide by 2  1/4″ tall; chain links graduate in width between 7/8″ and 11/16″ (measured at the swirl); 82.3 grams Hallmarks / Date: maker’s signature as shown as well as “MADE IN MEXICO”,...