rare Mexican silver repousse Clamper Bracelet ~ Taxco calla lilies design

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A rare design – to my experience – and one of the most beautiful Mexican repousse clamper bracelets I have seen, this stunner is signed by a listed yet still anonymous Taxco maestro. Though comprised of familiar motifs (stylized callas and scrolls), the bracelet is unusual in the way it combines all these elements in a marriage that delights the eye and excites the imagination. The bold repoussage is further enhanced by oxidation while the raised surfaces glow with the warm patina of well-loved, well-aged silver…   Size/Weight: inner circumference 6 3/4″; width between 2 1/8″ in the front and 1″ next to the hinge; 59.0 grams Hallmarks / Date: maker’s initials “MEC” as well as “STERLING TAXCO MEX 925” alongside Eagle 3 assay mark; 1950s-60s Condition: excellent vintage with no damage or repairs noted and a tight,...

Hilario Lopez Mexican silver Clamper Bracelet in a Margot de Taxco design

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Vintage Hilario Lopez Mexican silver clamper bracelet in one of Margot de Taxco’s most sculptural designs. I love the refer to this as the “cornucopia” – something in it brings to mind the mythical horn of plenty. Among Margot’s most talented maestros, Hilario Lopez continued crafting jewelry in her style even after she closed her workshop and withdrew from the field. His renditions are impeccably finished, with masterful repoussage, attention to detail and good weight albeit not as hefty as Margot’s originals…     Size/Weight: 6  1/2″ inner circumference (perfect for us who always wanted one but couldn’t find a small size); width between 12  1/4″ at center front and 7/8″ at its narrowest; 51.5 grams Hallmarks / Date: Lopez’s initials “HL” as well as “STERLING TAXCO 925”,...

vintage Mexican 940 silver Clamper Bracelet ~ classic Taxco repousse fern

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Superbly crafted by a still unidentified maestro who signs with initials “MS” and works in .940 alloys following Aguilar’s example (he also uses Eagle 9 which was used by Aguilar), this is a dramatic repousse fern clamper with deeply chased and oxidized recesses and proportions that capture the eye at first sight. I have become obsessed with this maker – I love his prowess in the art of repoussage; the flawless execution of classic designs and the perfect finishing that characterize his pieces… Learn more Size/Weight: 6  3/4″ inner circumference (adjustable upwards, of course, due to the hinged construction); width between 4  1/8″ in the front and 1  3/8″ near the hinge; 56.5 grams Hallmarks / Date: maker’s initials “MS” as well as “MEXICO TAXCO”, “STERLING 940” and Eagle 9 assay mark; 1950s-60s...