Sigi Pineda Mexican silver modernist Necklace ~ “ribbon” pectoral

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In my opinion one of Sigi’s most exquisite creations, the “wave” or “ribbon” necklace I am presenting here is an iconic piece for the maestro and one of Taxco’s best modernist moments. Going back to the classic “pectoral” form yet stripping away all but the most essential design elements, Sigi combines matte sterling surfaces with undulating ribbon appliqués and dramatic niello accents in a veritable masterpiece…   Size/Weight: 14  1/2″ – 14 3/4″ long (wearable; designed such as to have the pectoral sit on the collar bone; incredibly comfortable when worn, however, due to its articulated construction); pectoral part is 4  3/8″ wide and its drop at center front reaches 1  3/8″; 109.0 grams Hallmarks / Date: Sigi’s name as shown alongside “HECHO EN MEXICO”, des. no 60 and Eagle 3...

Jose Luis Flores for Miguel modernist Taxco silver Necklace ~ Teran inspiration

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With an obvious Salvador Teran influence, this vintage Taxco modernist silver necklace was made by Jose Luis Flores for Miguel Martinez. Flores worked for Aguilar for several years and many of his designs came out with Aguilar’s hallmarks so his prowess as a designer and silversmith is an unshakable fact. The piece at hand combines careful cutwork, oxidation and seamless overlay in an indeed masterful way…   Size/Weight: 14  1/2″ long (wearable; if using the safety chain only the wearable length goes up to 16″); 7/8″ wide; 65.4 grams Hallmarks / Date: maker’s initials “JLF” as well as “Miguel” in script and “STERLING TAXCO” with des. no 1020; 1940s Condition: excellent vintage, made of thick silver sheet, with its oxidation in great shape and immaculately worked appliques; warmly glowing patina and no flaws...