Flli Peruzzi Italian Deco 800 silver cimaruta Pin / Pendant with long Roma Chain Necklace

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Ancient cimaruta amulets are near impossible to find so the ones made by the Peruzzi and Coppini silversmithing houses of Florence, Italy in the first decades of the 20th c. are the next best alternative. Highly sought after and made in limited numbers, even those Deco copies are becoming increasingly difficult to find. It is then understandable that I am thrilled to be presenting this combination pin/pendant here with a matching “Roma” chain signed by the Peruzzi Bros.. Made in the 1920s-30s as is indicated by the .800 alloy used and the crispness of the casting, it is an exquisite find and such a versatile treasure – wear it as presented, wear it as a brooch or wear the chain alone though it can easily be paired with one of your other vintage Italian pendants as well…   Size / Weight: pin/pendant is 2 5/8″ tall by 2 3/8″ wide; chain is...