wide Mexican Deco silver hinged semi-spheres Bracelet with green turquoise

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Dating in the early years of Mexico’s 20th c. Silver Renaissance when Mexico City was the center of the movement’s jewelry production the repousse hinged bracelet at hand is adorned with green turquoise cabochons laid over a field of hand-made sterling semi-spheres. I think this is the widest version this type of bracelets come in and pieces like it are becoming really difficult to find. The stones are all present yet they come in two hues of green and two different cuts as well: some stand prouder of the bezel while others are not as high-cut as the rest. Could this mean some of the stones were replaced in the past or is it just another instance of the endearing …inconsistency that is so much a characteristic of early Deco jewelry from Mexico?



Size/Weight: inner circumference (clasped) is 7” (might wear a little smaller due to the parts of the clasp that are affixed on the bracelet’s inner surface); 1  7/8” wide; 85.2 grams

Hallmarks / Date: simply signed “STERLING MEXICO”; 1920s-30s

Condition: excellent vintage with great patina and all the stones present with no issues other than the remarks about color and cut above; usually this type of repousse bracelets is prone to dings and dents but there is very very little of that here in a couple of semi-spheres in the upper and lower perimeter row that are not offensive visually at all; no other damage and no repairs


SOLD – Thank you!

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